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State of the Industry – Timeshare Vacation Ownership - January 14, 2017- TimeSharing Today Broadcasting - Shep Altshuler, Publisher TimeSharing Today and President TBMA, and Jeff Weir, Chief Correspondent RedWeek and TSToday Contributor, discuss the 2017 outlook for legacy timeshare resorts, TBMA and issues facing timeshare owners.

Podcasts from TimeSharing Today Radio: Featuring News and Views of Timeshare Owners and Industry Professionals

Sherri Weeks Rivera, VP of Sales & Business Development, Grand Pacific Resorts, Carlsbad CA joins TimeSharing Today Radio Host Shep Altshuler, to discuss understanding the important role a resort\'s Owners\' Services Department plays in keeping owners informed and engaged in their resort so they can get the maximum use and enjoyment out of their #timeshare ownership.  Listen to the podcast at

Brian Heller, Tricom Management, Discusses the Pillars of Board Member Fiduciary Responsibility - Brian Heller, Executive VP, Tricom Management , Anaheim, CA, joins TimeSharing Today Radio host Shep Altshuler, to discuss guidelines established by the Timeshare Board Members Association in its Pillars of Board Member Fiduciary Responsibilities. This interview is of timely importance to owners and those charged with duties of timeshare resort governance. Listen to the podcast at  

Lena Combs and Tom Durkee of Averett Warmus Durkee on Timeshare HOA Audited Annual Statements and Important Industry Trends - Lena Combs, CPA and Tom Durkee, CPA, principals with the auditing firm Averett Warmus Durkee, Orlando, FL, join TimeSharing Today Radio Host Shep Altshuler, to discuss key items in timeshare HOA audited annual statements and important industry trends.  Listen to the podcast at:

Paul Goodrich on Planning & Funding Resory Resort Upgrades and Reconstruction Projects - Paul Goodrich, Regional Vice President of Operations, SPM Resorts, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC, discusses the importance of planning and funding resort upgrades and reconstruction projects. 

Ken McKelvey on Professional Timeshare Management - Ken McKelvey, CEO, Defender Resorts, Myrtle Beach, SC, discusses why owners and HOAs should consider the benefits of the services provided by a professional and experienced timeshare management company for their resorts.

John Funk Discusses Timeshare Board Member Responsibilities & More - Attorney John Funk, Director-Partner, Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, P.C., Concord, NH, joins TimeSharing Today Radio Host Shep Altshuler to discuss timeshare board member responsibilities, liabilities, effective governance, key issues and communications.