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Top Timeshare Resort Interior Design Trend Ideas

Top Timeshare Resort Interior Design Trend Ideas

Design Idea #1: Jazzing up your kitchen with backsplash tile - When thinking about updating your kitchens at your property consider spending a few more dollars and jazz it up with backsplash tile. These days backsplash tile can cost anywhere from $5.00-$15.00 a square foot and really is a dramatic, fun statement. 

Design Idea #2:  Printed Decorative Bed Scarf - We are replacing the decorative bed scarf with custom printed top sheets.  It gives the appearance of a decorative bed scarf without the hassle.  This innovative idea improves efficiency and cleanliness.  The top sheet can be washed each time the room is turned.  

Design Idea #3:  Don\'t Be Afraid of Color.  Go Bold! - Wall color, often overlooked, yet one of the least expensive and most dramatic elements in the room should always be part of the design conversation.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement.  Whether you use it on a small area like a soffit or larger accent wall, color is memorable.  Take a peek at this guest room in New England and entry lobby in Jacksonville, FL.  

Design Idea #4:  Wood vs Faux Wood Tile - It’s come a long way - Opting for faux wood tiles or vinyl provides the beauty and warm look of real wood with less maintenance.  In humid climates and high traffic areas faux wood floors can be virtually bullet proof.  There are many options for faux wood and how they are printed makes a difference.  Use an ink-jet printed porcelain for a more realistic look as it provides more color variation like real wood; however if wood looking tile is the selection your property goes with you also need to consider sound transmission. There are a lot of choices these days for flooring so spend some time with your designer to look at your options.  

Design Idea #5:  Color and Interesting Patterns for Guest Room Carpet - Exciting new carpet designs with interesting patterns and contrasting colors have become quite popular.  Coupled with more subtle designs on bedding and drapery, this is a fresh take on how designers are pairing elements of a room.  Carpet designs can be impactful since the area is generally large in scale.  The results are dramatic!   

Design Idea #6:  Use Local Artists - We are always excited when we start a project because we get to explore the area and learn why visitors love that destination.  Our selections are centered on emphasizing the beauty of the surroundings.  One way we capture the feeling of the area is by using local artists and photographers.  This is also a way to make your property unique.  In the photos below we used a photograph taken by a resort employee and tables crafted by a local artisan. 

Design Idea #7: Unique sleeping options for small spaces - There are many more attractive options these days for small spaces to achieve maximum sleeping and seating. Take a look at some recent products we custom designed and installed at Hollywood Beach Towers studio rooms. The murphy bed folds down over the sofa and the chair extends to be a bed. This small studio is a living room during the day and a bedroom at night. For more information about potential options for your resort or hotel please contact Mary Daust at Hospitality Resources & Design at

Design Idea #8:  Technology - The hospitality design industry is keeping up with our ever evolving technology demands. It is common to see headboards with built-in reading lights, lamps, nightstands and end tables equipped with power outlets and USB ports, flat screen smart HD TVs with blue tooth and free wireless internet at resorts these days.  

Design Idea #9:  Energy Efficiency - The use of energy efficient products in the design industry is a prevalent social practice. Creating an energy efficient space can be accomplished by selecting the proper fixtures, such as faucets and showerheads. In addition, window tinting can be utilized to cut down on cooling costs. 

Design Idea #10:  Community Tables - The use of the Lobby area has transformed from a pass-thru space to a destination.  Travelers use the space to gather larger groups, access technology, or simply enjoy the surroundings in a social setting.  The use of a Community table in the Lobby helps accommodate these different needs.  Usually the Table is bar height and seats 6 to 12 people.  This allows flexibility for people to stand or sit as they gather to eat, work, and socialize.  

TBMA Guest Posts Series: Courtesy of Hospitality Resources & Design, Orlando, FL. For more design ideas visit