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 “I have just gotten back from attending your TBMA conference in Providence RI and wanted to thank you for your efforts and send along our appreciation. What I was able to bring home to my fellow board members may prove to be invaluable in the coming years. Along with that, I have also brought home the knowledge that we are not alone and are in good company along with many other legacy resorts. As a resort, we had not been aware of your existence until this year. Our resort is small, almost minuscule, six units, in comparison to some of the other resorts represented at your conference. Our annual meeting is only a month away and I have ordered several thumb drives so I can copy and pass along the presentations from the conference along to my fellow board members. I believe the information shared will be that valuable to us. As a resort, we have been lucky to pull our vacation homes out of the nose dive the developers had let our resort fall into. Partly due to the location of our facility and the dedication and expertise of the board of our resort, we get ever closer to thriving. My only regret is I wish we could have discovered you a little sooner. It would have saved us considerable time, concern and detours that we have had to endure over the years to stabilize our resort. Again thank you. “  Bill Ryan Director (Chairman, Owner & Public Relations Committee) Sunset Ridge Villas Home Owners Assoc.

"The Timeshare Board Members Association is a unique resource for the managers, owners, and elected officers of timeshare associations. The semi-annual meetings are organized to explore the challenges our resorts face, to discuss strategies to address these challenges, and to network with other members of the timeshare community.

The most significant take-a-ways from the organization is the knowledge about how other resorts are attempting to resolve the challenges inherent in timesharing along with details about what is working and what was attempted but not worked. Further, members are offered an opportunity to network with like-minded people and to form mutually beneficial relationships."  Jeffrey T Weinland PhD, CHA, CHE, CHAE, Board President, Vacation Villas at FantasyWorld Timeshare Owners Association, Kissimmee, FL

"The spirit in which industry professionals, resort managers, and board members cooperate with each other to solve shared challenges is truly unique.  Just last night a member of our board spent an hour on the phone discussing long term strategic planning with one of the past TBMA speakers.   After each meeting I have been able to return to my resort and immediately implement best practices learned from the TBMA.  This results in additional value for my owners and an improved vacation experience for all who visit our resort."  Mark McCarthy, General Manager, Village of Winnipesaukee Resort, Laconia, NH