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There are many experienced HOA Board Members and onsite Resort Managers who have detailed knowledge about running a timeshare resort , establishing and implementing policies and procedures. We are actively drawing upon that wealth of experience from within the TBMA membership.  In addition, there already exists a significant amount of information from organizations such as ARDA, ARDA-ROC, Managment Companies and other Professional Organizations serving the timeshare industry.  The following are examples of the key areas on which TBMA will focus. 

  • Responsibilities of HOA Board Members
  • Managing HOA Board Member meetings
  • Dealing with financial realities and operational challenges
  • Transitioning HOA Board Members
  • Accounting and income tax planning
  • Collections
  • Automating operations and internal controls
  • Reserves and reserve studies
  • Insurance
  • Emergency planning
  • Owner relations and communications
  • Human resources
  • Purchasing strategies and sources of supply
  • Group buying power
  • Mediating disputes
  • Negotiating with and selecting a management company
  • Managing day-to-day operations
  • Working with exchange companies
  • Pros and cons of vacation clubs
  • Developing sources of revenue
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Generating owner participation and voting
  • Danger signals for resorts
  • Options to avoid bankruptcy
  • Dealing with reality when its time to close down