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HOA Board Members and On-site Resort Managers -

Join us for the TBMA Las Vegas 2017 Conference, October 22-24, 2017. 

See the TBMA Las Vegas 2017 Conference RSVP tab for more info.    

Get ready to focus on changes, challenges and solutions in the timeshare industry, and connect with industry experts on emerging key issues and topics including: 

The Impact of Unsold Inventory
An Aging/Dying Owner Base       
Roster Reconciliation: Why it's critical
Collections/Owner Bankruptcy
Clear Title & Title Insurance: Understanding the Challenge
Financial Trends of Timeshare Associations
Marketing to Millennials  
Insurance & Protecting Your Resort
Business Income Insurance - An Essential Part of Every Business Plan 
Exchange Companies and Revenue Generation
Member Engagement/Owner Communications
The Demographic Shift of Exchangers
Renters vs. Exchangers
Refurbishment Projects
Reserve Studies
Maximizing the Benefits of Your Banking Relationship
Critical Strategic Planning Challenges for Legacy Resorts
Resort Sustainability Studies
Sunset/Termination Clauses
Economics of Plan Termination
Trust Conversions
Vacation Clubs: Pros & Cons
ADA - Myths and Misconceptions
Succession Planning
Implementing an Online Sales & Rental Strategy
Inventory Channels, Timeshare Consumer Empowerment and the Value of the "New Market"
Implementing an Onsite Sales Strategy  
Legislative Updates
Changes in Collections Policies/Procedures
Maintenance Fee Time
Owner Bankruptcy and Its Impact
Gathering Information Through Surveys & Owner Feedback
Owner Services & Communications
Data Security/Risk Management
Update On Scams & Timeshare Owners Study