Board Members & Resort Managers
Meet your peers and industry experts at the
TBMA Orlando, May 15-17, 2016 Conference

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TBMA is Your Association.  Join us in Orlando, where we will be
continuing to focus on changes, challenges and solutions. 

Are you ready to discuss the key issues facing your resort and create a plan for the future?  Connect with your industry colleagues on emerging key issues:

  • ADA compliance, a critical component of every strategic plan.
  • Conversions of deeded interests to trusts to allow more flexible ownership options.
  • Creating and implementing property-improvement plans for refurbishing and reconstruction projects.
  • Dealing with new technology challenges at timeshare resorts.
  • Disclosure issues relative to those sunset provisions that affect the resale of timeshare.
  • Emerging insurance issues that owners' associations must consider.
  • Establishing an effective owner-services department for guest satisfaction and onsite revenue generation.
  • Evaluating your resort's financial health.
  • Finding alternate sources of revenues and funding options.
  • How will you deal with a hostile takeover that threatens your Board?
  • Monitoring a resort's public image, dealing with transient guests, and utilizing social media.
  • Non-Public Personal Information relative to PCI Compliance.
  • Planning and implementing new strategies for collections of maintenance fees for current and delinquent accounts.
  • Preparing bids to get the right contracts at the right price.
  • Reserves and reserve studies: Developing a strategic plan for setting aside funding to keep timeshare resorts in shape to compete in a changing marketplace and current with evolving regulations.
  • The challenges of managing Non-Public Personal Information relative to PCI Compliance.
  • The evolution of marketing: A study of ownership preferences for new and younger buyers, and creation of marketing strategies for them.
  • Understanding costs and the impact of sunset clauses within resorts' governing documents that call for expiration of the timeshare plan.
  • Vacation clubs and how they can impact on control of a resort and can help generate revenues from non-performing owners' association controlled inventory.
  • What you need to know to determine if your resort will succeed in the future.
  • Why your strategic plan is critical when considering repurposing options. Mistakes can be costly.

Board Members & Resort Managers should RSVP to with complete contact info to attend the TBMA Orlando, May 15-17, 2016 Conference.