Attention: HOA Board Members and On-site Resort Managers 
RSVP for TBMA San Diego October 26-28, 2014

Introducing a new dynamic and interactive agenda with a special introductory session to meet and greet your peers on opening day.  Membership in TBMA is free and there is no registration fee for Board Members and On-site Resort Managers to attend our meetings. 

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About TBMA

TBMA was established as a non-profit association. Its purpose is to provide educational resources to its Members: HOA Board Members and onsite Resort Managers. TBMA meetings are key to fulfilling the Association's Mission to its members. Every Board Manager and Resort Manager should join TBMA and actively participate in meetings. Since our inception in 2011, meeting attendees have significantly benefitted from peer-to-peer networking, educational panels and case studies that demonstrate how resorts are implementing positive change.

No resort should operate in a vacuum. The challenges facing owner-controlled resorts in today's economic environment and business climate are significant. Mananging delinquency rates, fraudulent transfers, inventory of unsold intervals are among the vital issues pertaining to governance by HOA Boards and managers. Recognizing the issues and creating a plan for dealing with them are urgent. While many resorts are now working through their plans, some may be facing the fact their timeshare is no longer viable and may have to unwind its plan in the not too distant future.  You should plan on joining TBMA and attending our next meeting. Questions: Email: Shep Altshuler, Executive Director at or call 201-924-7435.      

Our Mission

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of views and to provide mutual support to all association members to assist them in the exercise of their duties.
  • Provide technical, organizational and moral support to Directors of owner controlled timeshare boards of directors in order for them to exercise their duties wisely and effectively as representatives of their resort's owners.
  • Provide informational resources for guidance in carrying out the responsibilities of the HOA.
  • Provide sources for professional assistance in implementing plans as may be needed.
  • To form a strong united voice on issues that pertains to timesharing